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Here most of the files of the ROOTS=SAKNES are listed without much care about their grouping. In fact the list reflects the physical grouping of the files in the computer directories. The Page is intended primarily for those who have had visited the Site previously but now do not remember how to find a definite file.


1 Vol. General information

Help Disclaimers and information needed to work in the Site
Research. How to research your family history.
  First steps in Family History research
  Dzimtu vēstures pētīšana
  Genealogische Forschungen über die lettischen Sippen
Territory. The history of Latvia's territory.
  Latvia = Kurland + 0.5*Livland + 0.3*Vitebsk.gub. + 0.1*Pskov.gub. - 0.1*Pskov.gub.
  Names of apriņķi
  Pagasti names in German
  Names of towns
  New Names of pagasti
Country. The country they left.
  A British book about Latvia (1931)
  KÄTHE KÖSTER. Lettland. Ein Malerbuch (1938)
Names. Names and words.
  Additional Vocabulary
  Naming of Latvians
  Calendars of the Name Days for Lutherans
  Calendars of the Name (Angel) Days for Catholics and Orthodox
  Law on Name Changes 1939
  Changes of names
  Do you like your name?
  Usage of languages
  History of languages
  German language in Baltics
  Names of ethnicities and ethnicities in names
  The name of Endzelīns
History. Bare facts.
  Russia Empire Laws
  Prewar Latvia Laws
    Fundamentals of bureaucracy
    Person documents
    Formalities for foreigners
    Statistics of mentally deranged 1862
    Pastors should promote vaccination against smallpox
    Vaccination in Trikata parish 1827 and 1829
  Money and prices
    Money Systems in Baltic provinces
  Currency Rates of Riga Exchange
    Exchange rates for Russia Rouble vs Foreign currencies
    Money. money, money...
    Expenses for road to Ārciems
  Expenses of Karin von Hirschheydt
    Communication means in region of Latvia
    Postal Statistics
  Railways in region of Latvia
    Highway code in 1805
  Time schedule and prices for the train Riga - Dünaburg (1862)
  Two Calendars
    Horse Passport of 1930s


2 Vol. Different worlds the people lived in

Ethnicities Ethnicities in Latvia, their migration, everyday life and their people
  Ethnicities in region of Latvia . Statistics
  Latvians. Migration history.
  Free Latvians at 1800
    Migrations of Latvians during WWII
    Latvian population changes after the WWII
    V.M.Gruber. The Balts in Brazil: A nothern minority in a southern country
    Colonization of Siberia 1800
    Travel of Pēteris Rubenis and his family to America, day by day
    Mana dzimta. Memoires of my mother Melānija Martuzāne
  Story of my grandfather Ignats Mednis
  Story of my grandfather Jānis Martuzāns
  Story of my father Jānis Martuzans in 1944
    Gibala’s story
  Trip of a war refugee to Germany and back (1946)
    Russians. Migration history
  Migration history
    T.Aleksejeva. History of Jews in Kurzeme
    G.Straube. Jewish minority in Latvia in the 18th and 19th centuries
    Law on Amendment of life of Jews 1804 (in German)
  Rules for Jews in Russia Empire. Pales
    Geographical Pale (Pale of Settlement)
    Educational Pale
    Special rules for Jews in Baltic provinces
    No Jews tolerated in Livland 1764
    Rules for Jews settling for short time in Riga and visiting the city (in German)
  Jews in Riga
  List of the first Jews in Riga
    Jews allowed to enter Riga 1822
    Jewish language in customs 1818
    Shaved heads of married Jewish women
  Traveling Jewish salesmen
  Parcel of a traveling salesman
  Jews in a farmhouse
  Fun with a traveling Jew
    Jewish owned enterprises in Daugavpils
    Jewish gymnasia 1940
  A scene in Ghetto
    Holocaust events I have heard about
  The case of 13 Polangen Jews
  The Synagogue in Riga
  Contracts with Tukums Jews
  Migration History
    W.Wachsmuth. Familienforschung und Siedlungsgeschichte.
    B.Hollander. Jugenderinnerungen aus der Altstadt in Riga
    Great Migration of Germans, September - October 1939, day by day
    Great Migration of Germans in November - December 1939, day by day.
    Treaty between Germany and Latvia about the resettlement of Germans
    Errinnerungen von Adele Stubendorff
    Archive of Samuel Strauch
    Baltische Adelsgeschlechter Familien
    K. von Manteuffel. Meine Siedlungsarbeit in Kurland
    Mitglieder der lettisch-literärischen Gesellschaft
Religions Believers and their religions.
  Population by religion
    Evangelic Lutheran Church
    Staff of the Ev.-Lutheran Consistories (1863)
  Pictures of Lutheran clergy
  Pastors Names (1863)
  Personal-Bestand der Ev.-Lutherischen Consistorien in Rußland (1863)
    Certificates of Old Believers
    Baptists (a short overview)
    Liepaja Baptists Orchestra
  The Mission and Bible school in Latvia 1925/26.
    Conversions in general
    Conversion of Jewish Recruits
    The case of L. Karro who was converted to the Orthodox Church
    Geiman, a convert
    Pastors should take part in investigations
    Marriage of I.Dukurs and I.Gorkovs
    Exhortation order
  LDS Church
    Mormons in Latvia
Estates About estates and estate communities.
  Estates in Russia Empire
  The estates of Urban Residents in Russia Empire
  Rank Table and state service
  Statistics of estates
  Capitals of guild merchants
  A group of fugitives from Suntaži
  A fugitive wanted
Occupations What they did for living?
  Officials of Livland province (1863)
  Doctors in Riga 1862
  List of doctors for 1925
  Forest Department 1926
  Foresters 1932
  State sworn Land-surveyors
  Land-surveyors in 1940
3 Vol. The life
Birth Where the babies came from.
  Statistics of illegitimate children in Latvia
  Birth of Minna Draulis
  Foundlings and murdered babies
Education General and professional education.
  L.Tailova's school
  School graduates 1924
  Teachers of Riga 2nd gymnasium
  Education of typists
  Excursion of Daugavpils schoolchildren
  Application to Nikolaj I gymnasium
Marriage. Love, romance and marriage.
  Illegitimate children in Russia Empire
  Love and sex in Vidzeme
  First steps in sex
  Betrothal and Marriage
  Marriage in Latvia
  Marriage in Nazi time
  Property rights
  Ābolītis may be married
  Eglītis' inquiry
  Signature of a bride
  Mixed marriages
  Divorces in Latvia
  Marri Simson versus Jahnis Simson
  Information on marriages
Death. Deaths.
  Malania' s child
  Deaths of Aboliht babies
  Crime of Dārte Bērziņš
  Burials in Gaujiena cemetery 1995
4 Vol. Information resources
Families. Information about real families.
Sources. Official and published sources.
Documents Your papers, please!
  Circular Letters (Patents)
  Documents from church archives
Pebbles. Pebbles to turn over.
  Family Bibles
  Family albums
    The largest family album in the world
    Various cultural events
    Families with unfamiliar family names
    Groups and meetings
    Wedding parties
    The militaries
    Photographs of  known people
    Group photographs of education institutions
    Very Important Persons
  Marriage invitations
  Marriage invitations of German style


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