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To study the information about Latvia, you ought to know what the name in fact means. On this Site the information about the territories of the former Russia Empire that formed the Republic of Latvia is presented. The history of administrative changes is also described. As a lot of misunderstanding is caused by the different place names that were used in various periods, some information on this subject is also available in this Page and more will be added later.


Latvia = Latvia = Kurland + 0.5*Livland + 0.3*Vitebsk.gub. + 0.1*Pskov.gub. - 0.1*Pskov.gub. The history how Latvia's contemporary territory was built of parts of the Russia Empire. An overview of other administrative changes thereafter.
Apriņķi names Apriņķi names (1935) in German and Latvian.
Pagasti names Pagasti names (1935) in German and Latvian.
Town names Town names (1935) in German and Latvian. Their population in 1938.
Changed names New names of pagasti introduced on December 30, 1939. 11 names of pagasti that had been coined from the word muiža (manor) were then changed to politically correct names.


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