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For illustration of life in the olden times I have also presented on this Site some statistical data. Initially they were thought only as parts of the appropriate Chapters, but later I decided to assemble the appropriate links for the visitors who may have some special interest in statistics. I should warn you, however, against jumping to conclusions about your ancestors based only on any statistics.

The richest sources of this kind of information are Statistical Yearbooks of Latvia that were regularly printed in the prewar period 1920-1940, but you can find on this Site also information for the Russia Empire. Of course, here only the links to those Pages that contain some statistical tables are gathered, the files with only one or two figures mentioned are not listed here.

The Pages are ordered by the year the data concern about.



Estates Population statistics by estates for the region of Latvia 1813-1897.
Jews 1856 A paper of G.Straube with number of Jews in Kurzeme's [Kurland} towns 1856.
Mentally deranged Statistics of mentally deranged in Vidzeme [Livland] 1862 by estate.
Ethnicities Population statistics by ethnicity in Latvia 1897-1935.
Religions Population statistics by religion in Latvia 1897-1935.
Horses This file presents the number of horses in Latvia 1913-1937.
Refugees Statistics of refugees returned to Latvia in the time period 1919-1923.
Morbidity Statistical data for morbidity by infectious diseases for Latvia 1922-1930.
Foundlings Statistical data and some additional information about foundlings mainly for the 1920s. Statistics of murders of newborn babies.
Illegitimate children Statistics of children born out of wedlock in Latvia 1923-1930. Some statistical information about previous years is also available.
Postal sendings Statistics of international postal sendings for Latvia 1924 and 1930
Doctors As a matter of fact this is the list of doctors in Latvia 1925, but it also contains a table with statistics of doctors by their ethnicity.
Divorces Statistics of divorces by their grounds in Latvia for 1930 and 1935.
Mixed marriages Cross-ethnic marriages in Latvia 1930 and 1935.
Town names Town names (1935) in German and Latvian. Their population in 1938.


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