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This Page presents a list of researchers who have deep interest in the genealogy and family history investigations in the region that now is Latvia. These researchers are subscribed to the discussion group ROOTS and it would be fully reasonable that a person, who have discovered common interests with anybody of them, tried to join ROOTS for contacts with them. It is not obligatory, however - their email addresses are available here. You should only change # to @ in the address and to eliminate the word "draza" from it.

The list of the researchers follows. It is in alphabetic order.

1. Neil Foley
2. Eryka Garbutt b. Jaunslavietis
3. Normunds Hauks

4. Michael Pirang
5. Ilze Zeize


Neil Foley
Perth, Australia

Investigates the family history of his wife's grandfather Nikolajs Bērziņš (1878-1932).

1. Place: Rauna (Ronneburg) town and surrounding area, particularly the farmstead of Gaiķi/Gaiķis (about 7 km north-east of Rauna) (c.1890s to 1940s). Family Surnames: Krieviņš, Krievs (Kreews), Krievs-Krieviņš, Ģipslis.

2. Place: Valka (Walk) town (1906 to 1940s) Family Surnames: Bērziņš.

3. Place: Rujiena (Rujen) area: Seyershof manorial estate (Jeru muiža/pagasts), Torney estate (Ternejas pagasts), Naukšēnu pagasts (1800 to 1920s). Family Surnames: Spalva and Bērziņš [this family shown in the 1826 Revisions Liste (census) as having received the name "Berino". But this later (by 1857) somehow became changed to the common Latvian name of Behrson/Bersin/Berzin/Behrzinsch (modern Bērziņš) for at least some family members (but perhaps not all!)].

4. Place: Karula (Karolen/Carolen) Ev. Lutheran parish in Estonia, adjacent to Valga/Valka (Walk) town (c.1690s to 1940s). Family Surnames: Numerous, some ethnic Latvians, some ethnic Estonians.

Contact: foley129#ozemail.com.adrazau

Eryka Garbutt born Jaunslavietis,

Is researching her father's family. She was born in Germany after the war and her father was Alfreds Jaunslavietis from Stāmeriena, Madonas apriņķis.

Please visit her web site for more information.

These are names that appear in her German/Latvian/Australian family tree:

Behrens, Bertels, Blom, Bohnenstengel, De op de Kelder, Doms, Dormagen, Gaiķis, Garbutt, Graenling, Groning, Hahn, Hoppe, Jaunbērziņš, Jaunslavietis, Karschnick, Laksa, Lenz, Martins, Newi, Pautz, Reining, Riemer, Schafer, Schmitz, Schroeder, Stichert, Streblow, Ulrich, Varķis, Wittkopf.

Contact: Eryka.Garbutt#aph.gov.adrazau

Normunds Hauks,

Has developed his family tree with more than 100 persons. Special interests in the following areas:

1. Irši (Hirschenhof), parish Linden ( Liepkalne), Livland, Latvia 1763-1940. This was a colony of Germans in Livland. Names: Beck, Berg, Bittenbinder, Brandenburg, Brase, Brutzer, Christensen, Christmann, Dannewald, Dubenowsky, Eppinger, Frankenstein, Freimann, Gempfer, Glumm, Graf, Hasenfuss, Hagen, Hauck, Hermann, Heussel, Holwig, Johanson, Kist, Losewitz, Lutz, Matties, Nordmann, Passau, Pfeiff, Popp, Ritzel, Schmidt, Schmiesewewsky, Schuh, Schultz, Schweicheimer, Stahl, Stolz, Ulmer, Wehlhauer, Wendt and others.

2. Salas muiža (Holmenhof), Riga region, 1690-1905, Genealogy for farmsteads: Sallatsch, Uhder, Pehrne, Laimite, Belte, Sproge, Sagger, Snorre, Spunge, Simon, Wihtol, Seggus, Jaunsemm, Binder, Karoll, Upeneek, Walter, Sperra, Franze, Steckel, Pawul, Ohsoling and others
Names: Belte, Bohling (Boliņš), Breesche (Breže, Brieže), Bruhwel (Brūvelis), Dambis, Griķis, Pehsche (Pēže), Preede (Priede), Reika, Rudzit (Rudzītis), Sihman (Sīmanis), Simon, Skrabbe, Spera, Starupe, Vihtol (Vītols), Vihtolins (Vītoliņš), Zariņš and others

3. Daugavpils (Dünaburg), 1860-1905, Genealogy. Names: Hauck, Schmidt, Gertz, Wagel alias Woronow, Gauk, Spatz, Galving (Galviņš), Andrejev

4. Vangaži (Wangasch), Ropaži (Rodenpois)1855-1895 Genealogy. Names: Hauck, Went, Wendt, Alksnis, Friedrichson, Niedrītis, Drewing (Drēviņš), Schmidt, Hagen, Aschmann, Bunge, Hasenfuss

5. Līksna near Daugavpils, 1850-1906, Genealogy. Names: Teniss, Vingris, Malnačs, Pudāns, Kucāns, Orbidāns, Ligers, Juksa, Vaiders, Dzenis, Plociņš, Borskis, Vildāns, Rudāns, Laurinovičs

6. Trikāta (Trikaten) 1750-1850, Genealogy Names: Grundihs, Deddumeet (Dedumietis), Uhder (Ūders), Schmidt, Purrith (Purītis), Likters, Vanags, Danielson, Elijab, Wanka, Tupmaz, Junker, Ohlups (Olups), Eberhards, Sehne (Sēne), Behrsin (Bērziņš), Krudner, August

7. Praviņas, Tukums (Prawingen), 1750-1830, Genealogy Farmstead: Siwen

8. Salgale (Sallgallen), 1800-1900, Genealogy Names: Seglitzki, Zeidlickis, Letz, Treizis, Lejnieks, Seemel (Ziemelis), Kalniņš, Duker

Contact: Normunds_Hauks#agency.santa.ldrazav

Michael Pirang, Germany

Is researching the family of his father Alexander Woldemar Pirang (1902-1970) and the family of his mother Tamara b. Butkewicz (1921-1995). Both of them left Riga in 1939, when Germans were resettled to Posen region.

The names of research interests are: Butkewicz, Ejewski, Goft, Hoft, Konstantinowicz, Piebalgs, Piran, Pirang, Pirangs, Vikul (Wickul), Vikuls, Welitschkewicz (including language specific variants in spelling). Some of these names have a more Lithuanian, Russian or Polish background of origin rather than Latvian, however, there have been family branches into Latvia as well.

Contact: michael#pirang.ddrazae

Ilze Zeize, Australia

Researching the descendants of a Zemgale couple called Kristaps and Ilze Graumann from the farm 'Stuhri' circa 1850. Kristaps and Ilze had three daughters and one son, names Anna, Trihne, Ilze and the son may have been named Dawd.
- Anna Graumann married Zankowsky/Zankovskis from the farm 'Sipkini'.
- Trihne married Jurr Eimann/Eimanis who was employed at Blankenfeldes Manor.
- Ilze married Klavus/Klavis/Kļavis/Klavs from Platone who died at an early age but Ilze survived well into old age and died in the late 1920's.
- son Graumann, nothing concrete known.

This research aims to find:
- Any living descendants of Graumann's son. They would be called Graumanis today and may reside in the area around Lielplatone, Eleja or Lieleleja.
- Descendants of Ilze Klavus/Klavis/Klavs, her son, Karlis Klavus/Kļavis/Klavs, her daughter, Dore and Dore's husband Kristaps Zeichmann/Zeichmanis/Zeihmanis who lived and were weavers in Riga. Last contact approx 1949.
- Descendants of Trihne Eimann/Heimanis, Cecilija and Janis Rekis/Reķis and their son Agris who worked at Ilukstes Sugar Factory post WW2, all from Jelgava. Descendants of Olga Heimanis who married a man called Witte/Vite and migrated to California in the 1920/30's. The surname may have been Americanised to White.
- Any knowledge of the fate of Alberts Heimanis tailor from Jelgava before and during WW2.

Contact: izbi#bigpond.com.adrazau