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There are a lot of interesting and valuable sources on the Internet about the methodology of Family History Research. Not all of them are applicable for investigations in the region of Latvia, but the general ideas mainly remain the same.


First Steps in Research It is a short overview of what you may do to start the investigations of your family history part that is related to Latvia.
ROOTS You are welcome in the group ROOTS that should discuss the family history problems and can be considered as associated to the Site ROOTS=SAKNES. In this Page about the discussion group ROOTS one may find also a list of Internet discussion groups dealing with genealogy and family history research for the region of Latvia.
Researchers This Page presents a list of researchers who have deep interest in the genealogy and family history investigations in the region that now is Latvia.
Meklejumi Informācija latviski par personām un ģimenēm, kuras tiek meklētas.
Information in Latvian about the people that somebody is searching for.


V.Klētnieks overview

The main (and only) printed overview of the family history investigation and of the relevant resources in the archives of Latvia is the paper published in 1939 by V.Klētnieks. Of course, the real situation now is different, but the principles remain the same. The paper was in Latvian, and only its short annotation was in German. I have used some information from this paper in other texts of the Site, but I possess no translation of it in English, so it is published here in Latvian.

For your convenience I have split the paper in three files, but, of course, each part is reachable of any other.

1. General introduction The first part contains general description of the family history research and its goals, explains who are relatives, overviews the possible sources and estimates their usefulness.
2. Church books The second part is the detailed description of the people registration system in churches, the content of various church books, mainly those of the Lutheran Church, but also the others. The revision lists and the lists of pagasti residents (citizens) are described as well.
3. Methods This part is devoted to the description of the methodology of the family history research for Latvians.
4. Annotation A short annotation in German



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