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zieds1mazs.gif (257 bytes)  Pictures of Lutheran clergy

7 Photographs
11 Names: Bāns, Freidenfelds, Grass, Priede, Sanders, Skrodelis
Bērtiņš, Vīksna, Veka, Abakuks, Freimanis, Ķiploks, Ozols

In this page the photographs of Lutheran Pastors are being collected. Their photographs were frequently distributed among the members of the parish and therefore now can be bought in the old book shops though are not offered very frequently. The images of the Pastors are also important for the investigation of photographs of confirmation or other church related events.

First comes a group of Pastors with known names and then some photographs of unknown clergy.


EBans__.JPG (4938 bytes) Ernests Bāns son of Gerts. b. Dec. 12,1889 in Riga. Ord. in April 1926. In 1927 was in Irbe parish.  Pastor in Liepāja beginning of 1941. In 1944 emigrated to Germany.
att11__.JPG (5972 bytes) Kārlis Freidenfelds. B. July 2, 1867 in Dzirciema pag. Father - Jānis, mother - Līze. Wife - Emilija b. Bērtiņš. Graduated from Jelgava [Mitau] gymnasium. Studied theology in Tartu [Dorpat], graduated the doctorate in Warsaw. Was the Pastor of St. Gertrud's new church in Riga. (EVP 1939)
His picture on the left was found on the photograph of confirmants.
He himself spelled his name as Freudenfeld. See his signature on a confirmation certificate.
GrassV__.JPG (4292 bytes) Vilhelms Grass b. 1873 in Kursīši. Son of a Pastor. Graduated from Jelgava gymnasium. Studied theology in Tartu [Dorpat] 1892-1896, in Berlin and Halle. Pastor in Tallinn [Reval] until 1900 then till 1915 in Liepāja [Libau]. Later he was the Pastor of German Trinity church in Liepāja.
The information about him was found on a leaflet attached on the backside of the photograph by the previous owner who evidently was a well-informed collector of items concerning Liepāja.
RPriede__.jpg (5155 bytes) Roberts Priede.  b. June 21, 1907 in Lejasciema pag. Majani farm. Father Jānis, mother Emma b. Vīksna. Grad. LU, faculty of theology. In 1938 was the Pastor in Ērģeme parish. (EVP)
WSanders__.JPG (5188 bytes) Visvaldis Sanders b. Nov. 15, 1885 in St. Petersbourg. His father Jānis Sanders son of Atis b. 9 Jan. 1858 in Cēres pag. was a Pastor in St.Petersbourg. V.Sanders was ordinated Feb. 1911 and was the Pastor of St. Anna parish in Liepaja.
Nezinams__.jpg (3978 bytes) MazsSalSkrodels__.JPG (4392 bytes) Alfreds Skrodelis b. May 22, 1894 in Dūres pag. Mērupes farm. Father - Andrejs, mother Anete b. Veka. Graduated from the parish school in Lejasciems, the Schoolteacher seminar in Pleskava, Theology faculty of LU. The Pastor of Mazsalaca parish beginning of 1921.

Unknown Pastors

SonOfMother__.JPG (6337 bytes) Inscription: To my dear mother from the son. Riga Oct. 21, 1937.

I imagine that the photograph was presented to the mother after her son was ordinated as Pastor. I studied the Church calendar for 1943 and found on the list of active Pastors 4 of them who were ordinated on Sept.26, 1937 - the closest date to Oct. 21, 1937. Their names:  A.Abakuks, K.Freimanis, E.Ķiploks, J.Ozols, but, of course, I have no reasons to assert that any of them is on the photograph.

BishopAndPastor__.JPG (5064 bytes) No information about the photograph of these highly positioned clergymen. I am not even sure that it comes from Latvia.


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