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In this Page the information of the Site on the conversions from one religion to another is reviewed. Conversions could also happen in the Russia Empire, in the country where the Greek Catholic was the state confession, and it was not allowed to leave it (until 1905), but, of course, there were no obstacles to join this Church.


Conversions General information about the legal base of conversions in the Russia Empire, conversion of Latvians to the Orthodox church, conversion of Jews, and about the reconversion.
Jewish recruits The instruction (1830) to Lutheran Pastors how the conversion of Jewish recruits should be conducted.
Chase of agitators The order to the Lutheran Pastors (1845) to take part in investigation of agitators who falsely informed people in the countryside about material advantages of the conversion to the Orthodox religion.
Reversale The document that each convert to the Orthodox religion signed.
Signature A document of the Russia Empire which a Lutheran bride or bridegroom had to sign, if their other part belonged to the Orthodox religion. Herewith it was promised that he or she would educate the eventual children of the matrimony as the Orthodox believers. The actual document was signed in 1895. 5 Names: Daņilovs, Krēslinš, Muraveiskis, Rode, Zilvers
Cross-religious marriage Why Ieva Dukurs and Ivans Gorkovs could not be married? A report of a pagasts court (1865) on a quarrel in rude expressions. Some information on Latvian curse words is available. 7 Names: Briedis, Dukurs, Gārcis, Gorkovs, Kreišmanis, Meņšikovs, Penka
Case of Karro A document of a pagasts court describing how Līze Karro was converted to the Orthodox Church in 1871. 6 Names: Karro, Bluhma (Blūms), Jehrum (Jērums), Kupfers, Recups, Sihle (Zīle)
Jewish convert A letter of Riga consistory to Palsmane Priest with inquiry about the family of a Jewish convert V.Geiman in 1895. 4 Names: Cvetikovs, Geimans (Heiman, Heyman), Kņazevs, Moisejevs
Reconversion A letter of the Consistory to Valmiera Orthodox Priest (1906) with the information that 3 of his parish members are wishing to reconvert to Lutheran religion and with the instructions what he now should do. 6 Names: Berezskis, Drozdovs, Miška, Muraveiskis, Sokolovs, Zariņš.


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