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You are advised to start the genealogical investigations with the religion of your ancestors, because it allows you to decide where to search for official as well as for non-official documents. For this reason on this Site some information on religious confessions is gathered for the reference time period beginning of 1800. The information about the appropriate priests should also be presented here.


Statistics of religions in Latvia Statistics of Latvia population by their religion. Religion statistics for people of various ethnicities is also available.
Conversion The information about the rules of religious conversion and the practice in the Russia Empire


The information is gathered mainly about those religious confessions that were allowed to register marriages, births and deaths in Latvia of 1920s and 1930s:
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Lutherans
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Catholics
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Greek Orthodox
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Judaism No special discussion of the religion is needed compared with the ethnicity, because for Jews in the standard case the ethnicity and religion coincide or at least coincided. You may connect to the Chapter on Jewish ethnicity.
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Old-believers
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Reformats I have practically no information about the activities of this Church in Latvia
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Baptists
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Adventists
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Methodists


Information about some confessions that were not numerous or did not exist in Latvia before the WW2.

zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Islam
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Salvation Army This organization was active between the both World Wars in Latvia, though it was not numerous. Unfortunately, I have practically no information about it.
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Brethren A short overview will be available here later.
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) LDS (Mormons) Some information about this Church, its activities in gathering of the genealogy related information and what perspectives these activities have in modern Latvia.
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Mennonites Short information about the religion and the description of a postcard that proves the existence of Mennonism in Latvia.
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Skopcy Some information about this sect that existed in the region of Latvia, though was not numerous.



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