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One of the frequently asked questions is - What did my ancestors for living? Of course, the profession or the main occupation of the ancestors is interesting to know by itself, but it may also give hints at future investigations in the lists of school-leavers, the archives of professional societies, the property registers and so on. In this Page the information not only about professions and professionals is gathered, but about the occupations in general, for example, some time later I will also publish in the Site some lists of wanted criminals.


Livland The list of all civil servants of Vidzeme [Livland] province 1862. About 2600 persons mentioned.
The Militaries Here the information about the Russia Army and the Latvia Army is gathered and, of course, all available material about military persons should be presented here.


Doctors in Latvia List of doctors who had practice in Latvia in 1925. Their names, addresses and ethnicities are given. Totally 959 names. (149 KB)
Doctors in 1862 List of doctors, teeth doctors, veterinarians and drugstore owners in Riga 1862. 77 Names.


Consistories The Page contains information about the staff of the General Consistory and of all 8 Consistories of the Ev.-Luth. Church in the Russia Empire in 1863. 63 Names.
Pastors 1863 The list of all Pastors of the Russia Empire in 1863. This list is grouped by names in the alphabetic order for reference. If a name is found on this list, the further information is available on the list below. 369 Names.
Parishes 1863 The list of Lutheran parishes and their Pastors of the whole Russia Empire as they were in 1863.


Teacher photographs Only two groups of teachers photographed in various occasions. 20 Names.
Teachers of Rīga 2nd secondary school The list of teachers who had been working in Riga secondary school Nr. 2 prior 1926. 100 Names.



Land-surveyors The list of sworn land-surveyors in Latvia 1926. 120 Names.
Land-surveyors 1940 A photograph of 5 land-surveyors in 1940. 5 Names: Ādmiņš, Bočs, Larsens, Miķelsons, Rimša.
Forest department Senior officials of the forest department of the Ministry of Agriculture 1926. 13 Names: Dambergs, Freimanis, Gailīts, Lodiņš, Melderis, Ozols, Pētersons, Robežnieks, Ruiga, Teikmans, Vizulis, Volframs, Zelmanis.
Foresters A photograph of a grouph of foresters in 1932. 3 Names: Černobajevs, Kronīts, Ozols.


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