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5 Names: Daņilovs, Krēslinš, Muraveiskis, Rode, Zilvers


Here a document of the Russia Empire is described which a Lutheran bride or bridegroom had to sign, if their other part belonged to the Greek Orthodox religion. The Laws of the Empire insisted that no Orthodox believer could leave this religion, though it was allowed to marry a person of other religion (See the special Page on marriage regulations). If this happened, the non-Orthodox spouse signed the paper that he or she would educate the eventual children of the matrimony as Orthodox believers. In the time period 1865-1885 these rules were not in force for the Baltic provinces, however.

The rules were abandoned by the Manifest of the Tzar issued on April 17, 1905, when the religious freedom was declared. Since this time the non-Ortodox part of a mixed marriage signed the declaration that he/she would not persuade the Orthodox spouse to convert to another religion.

In 1874 the Law on mandatory military service came in force and the draftees served for 6 years plus 9 years in reserve. The bridegroom V.Danilov was on leave with Billet - it means, I think, he had already served his 6 years of active service and was now in reserve with the document (Billet) that certified the fact.

The printed form of the document below consisted of three parts in the Russian, the Latvian and the Estonian language appropriately. Evidently the forms were printed specially for Vidzeme [Livland] province where Latvians and Estonians lived. Actually in the document only the Russian and Latvian parts were filled in. The handwritten text is printed here in Italic.



Es apakschā parakstijusees, Zehsu kreisē, pee Weselowsk walsts peederiga atraitne Anna Ahdama meita Silwer, luter-tiziga, zaur scho apleezinaju, ka dodamees laulibā ar Walmeeras kreises zeetuma jaunako sargu us bileti atlaistu saldatu no 185to kahjineeku Lidskas polku Wasiliju Pehtera dehlu Danilow, Pareistizigo, abeju kahrtu behrnu audsinaschanā, kas war peedsimt no schahs laulibas, darischu pehz Kreewijas walsts likumeem, t.i. kristischu un audsinaschu behrnus Sw. Pareistizibā.

My translation:


I, undersigned below, Anna Zilvers, daughter of Adams, Lutheran faith, belonging to Veselovskas pagasts of Cēsu apriņķis hereby certify that if being joined in matrimony with Vasilij Pjotr son Danilov, a junior warder of Valmiera apriņķis prison, a former soldier of 185 Lidsk infantry regiment, released on the Billet, an Orthodox, I will follow the Laws of the Russia State, concerning the upbringing of eventual children of both genders, who eventually may be born in this marriage, i.e. I will baptise and educate the children in the Holy Orthodox religion.


The signature of Anna Zilvers was certified by the whole staff of the Orthodox church in Valmiera.

Priest: Dmitrijs Muraveiskis
Deacon Jakov (Jēkabs) Krēsliņš
Lay reader Jakov (Jēkabs) Rode
Lay reader Aleksejs Muraveiskis



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