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zieds1mazs.gif (257 bytes) Jūla Bricis versus Viļums (Vilhelms) Kalniņš


4 Names: Bricis, Draule, Kalniņš, Amsons, Zemītis

This is the decision of Vec-Brenguļi pagasts court in a case of seduction. The pagasts name is not mentioned in the decision, it was found on the stamp printing. The case was not difficult, because the parts came to an agreement before the court session. V.Kalniņš needed the official decision because otherwise he had problems with wedding. The original text sometimes is rather obscure because of scribe's style. I realized that V.Kalniņš was a soldier in the active service, but next year he would be in reserve, that is he would have served 10 years. The both parts were illiterate and therefore did not write their names under the document but drew only 3 crosses.



Tai 31 Octoberī 1870
Klaht bija:           
Pagasta wezzakais: Dahwe Amsohn
Pagasta teesas peesehdetais: Dahwe Semmiht





No 190

Schodeen tas saldahts Willum Kalniņ atnahza lihds ar to atraitni Juhla Britz kurru wiņsch bija peesmehjis sohlidamees ka to Juhlu Britz buhschot prezeht, un kur Deews dehlu dewis. -

Bet kad nu schahda sohlischanahs nau warejusi peepildita tikt zaur to ka newarejis wairs mihleht, un zittu dsihwes draugu izmeklejees; - un pirms ar tahs salaulahts teekot, tad sohlot tai Juhla Britz 30 Rbļ sdr. teikdams. - ka jau par pusi ohtra gadda essoht 13 Rbļ sdr. aismaksajis, un tohs 17. Rbl buhschot ta aismaksaht: tai 1870 gaddā maksaschot 7 Rbl. sdr. un tohs 10 Rbl sdr. maksaschot tai 1871. gaddā jo eeksch teem aukschā minneteem gaddem krohna deenestā mahja buhschot palikt.

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Us tahdu sohlischanu un isteikschanu ta atraikne Juhla Britz bija pilnā meerā.

Appaksch rakstijuschees:

Wiļļum Kalnin x x x
Juhla Britz x x x

Pagasta wezzakais: D.Amsohn

Rakstitais: C.Draule

DrauleParakstsBB.GIF (1348 bytes)




My translation (the names are transcribed according to the modern rules):

31. October  1870.
Were present:          
Chairman of the pagasts: Dāvis Amsons
Juryman of the pagasts' court: Dāvis Zemītis

Today a soldier Viļums Kalniņš came together with a widow Jūla Bricis whom he dishonored by promising to marry her, and hereby the God gave a son.

But when this promise was not possible to keep, because he could not love anymore and has found another friend for the life - and before being wedded with her he promises 30 Roub. in silver to Jūla Bricis and adds that he has already paid 13 Roub silver for half of the second year but the rest of the sum 17 Roub will pay: in year 1870 he will pay 7 Roub. silv. and 10 Roub. in silv. will be paid in the year 1871, because in the above mentioned years he will be out of the crown service.

With this declaration and promises the widow Jūla Bricis was completely satisfied.


Wiļļum Kalnin x x x
Juhla Britz x x x

Pagasta wezzakais: D.Amsohn

The stamp of the Vec-Brenguļu pagasts


Writer: C.Draule


© Comments, translation. Bruno Martuzāns. 1995-2002