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Our very existence proves that our ancestors were not sexually indifferent, whatever their actual sexual habits were, so I am sure that some information about the gender relations long time ago would be of some interest for genealogical and family history research. For example, it might be discovered quite easy that an ancestor had been born out of wedlock, and then one might wish to know something more on this ancestor's fate and living conditions. And as for common marriages, one may be interested to know how they were arranged, how the ancestors met each other, and how weddings were organized and what was the legal base of them.

It is quite clear that marriage customs and traditions were different for young people of different ethnicities, religions and prosperity levels, and depended even on the local traditions at the pagasts level. I am still gathering the information on these matters. At this moment I can propose some information on marriage, divorces, and illegitimate children and their problems mainly in the Russia Empire.



Love and sex in Vidzeme Real documents mainly from the Trikata church archive in Vidzeme [Livland] give insight into the relations among the young people and show what happened if a child was born out of marriage.
First steps in sex Some information about the real practice of premarital relations of young people including sexual experiments.
Illegitimate children The legal status of illegitimate children in the Russia Empire.
Statistics of illegitimate children Statistics of illegitimate children in the region of Latvia and in Latvia by religion.
Foundlings Statistical data and some additional information about foundlings mainly for the 1920s. Statistics of the murders of newborn babies.
Adoption Short review of the legislation of the countries that existed in the region of Latvia relevant to adoption.
Story of my grandfather Story about my great grandmother and her son - my grandfather Ignats Mednis, who was born out of wedlock.


Betrothal and Marriage The legislation of the Russia Empire relevant to betrothal and marriage of the couples of various religious confessions is described.
Marriage in Latvia The legislation of prewar Latvia concerning marriage.
Property rights Property rights of spouses in the Russia Empire.
Marriage of S.Strauch The memoirs of Samuel Strauch, a rich German merchant in Riga at the end of the 18th century, provide information about his actions when he decided to marry. (in German).
Publishing Information on marriages published in two issues of the newspaper Jaunākās ziņas 1924. 68 Persons; 71 Name.
Wedding parties Some photographs of the wedding parties from my collection of photographs. 3 Names: Bērziņš, Sliede, Klaubergs
Marriage invitations To invite guests to marriage events by sending them special printed cards was a tradition popular among the relatively well situated people in 1920-30s - . The invitations are described in two files. (155 names).
Mixed marriages The statistical data of cross-ethnic marriages in prewar Latvia.
Cross-religious marriage Why could not be married Ieva Dukurs and Ivans Gorkovs? Report on a quarrel in rude expressions concerning the marriage of an Orthodox and a Lutheran. 7 Names: Briedis, Dukurs, Gārcis, Gorkovs, Kreišmanis, Meņšikovs, Penka (1865).
Eglītis' inquiry A letter of Jānis Eglītis to a higher Church official (Provost) for permission to marry a cousin. 2 Names: Eglītis (Egliht), Hērvāgens (1871).
Marriage permission The document certifying that I.Ābolītis, a soldier, may be married. (1878).
Signature A document of the Russia Empire which a Lutheran bride or bridegroom had to sign, if their other part belonged to the Orthodox religion. 5 Names: Daņilovs, Krēslinš, Muraveiskis, Rode, Zilvers (1896)
Marriage in the Nazi time The order to an Orthodox Priest about contracting of marriages in 1942. 2 Names: Grāvelsiņš, Venners


Divorces The Laws and rules concerning divorces of married couples of various religious confessions in the Russia Empire are discussed.
Divorces in Latvia The legal grounds for divorces in Latvia and the divorce statistics for 1930 and 1938.
Marri Simson versus Jahnis Simson A divorce case investigated by Vidzeme [Livland] consistory in 1866. The text of the decision once sent to a Pastor.


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