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You have come to the right place, if you are researching your ancestors who once lived in the area that is now Latvia. This site is devoted to Family History and Genealogy in the region of Latvia for the period of 1800 to 1950.

This site is under constant development. At the moment it consists of more than 550 pages grouped in 5 volumes and 30 chapters

Uzmanību! Lūdzu palīdziet sameklēt radus Latvijā. Uzklikšķiniet šeit, lai pieslēgtos informācijai (latviski) par cilvēkiem, kurus meklē.



1 Vol. General information: Help, Preface, Research, Territory, Country, Names, History
2 Vol. Diverse worlds a human lived in: Ethnicity, Religion, Estate, Occupation
3 Vol. The thread of life: Birth, Education, Marriage, Death
4 Vol. Information resources: Families, Sources, Documents, Album, Pebbles, Statistics, Lists, References
5 Vol. Site matters: Map, News, Maillist, Expo, Search


1 Vol. General information

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Please read the disclaimers and information needed to use this Site. Fonts, Acronyms, Conventions.
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The history of this Site, its purpose, main principles followed and the contents are discussed here. Please, read the Preface! The leading Principles of the Site are discussed in a separate and very important page.
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How to begin your family history research. What to start with and what to take into account.
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The territorial history of Latvia.
How Latvia came into being from parts of the Russia Empire. Other administrative changes. Places and their names.
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The country they left.
Life in the region of Latvia in various time periods. Traveler reports. Memoirs.
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Names and words.
The naming processes. Names and their changes. Languages.
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Bureaucracy, legislation, money, calendars, health, transportation etc.

2 Vol. The worlds our ancestors lived in

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About estates (social groups) and estate communities. A short overview of the estate system of the Russia Empire and some additional information about this system.
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Ethnicities in Latvia, migration, everyday life and the people
Family history related information organized by ethnicities for the period from 1800 to 1950.
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Believers and their religions.
The information organized by the religions practiced in the region of Latvia. Conversions.
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What they did for a living?
The information organized by occupations.

3 Vol. The thread of life

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Where the babies came from?
Information about births including illegitimate ones. Statistics. Documents.
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General and professional education.
Information about schools, pupils, school-leavers.
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Love, romance and marriage.
Premarital relations. Marriage and family life. Divorce. Relevant legislation.
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Morbidity and mortality.

4 Vol. Information resources

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Information about real families.
Fragments of family histories which I have come across and can describe.
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Official and published sources.
Internet and Archives, etc.
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Your papers, please! The real documents I have gathered to show what type our ancestors had and to relieve the facts of various family histories.
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The largest family album in the world.
The photographs of persons and groups.
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Pebbles to turn over. Less-common resources for genealogy and family history research - Holy Bibles, Photographs, Postcards, Letters, Memories etc. of real people are described here.
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Statistical data
In various chapters of the Site the statistical data for previous years can be found. In this chapter the links to all Pages with statistical information are gathered.

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Lists of persons. The links are compiled to the Pages of the Site that mainly present lists with person names.
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References. Books and articles referenced to in the texts of the Site

5 Vol. Site information

zieds1mazs.gif (257 bytes) Map
Site map. The list of all available Pages.
zieds1mazs.gif (257 bytes) News
What news in the Site? At this moment the Site is new and no changes have been made.
zieds1mazs.gif (257 bytes)Maillist
The maillist Roots. Information about the maillist, its purpose, how to subscribe etc. How to contact the author of the Site.
zieds1mazs.gif (257 bytes) Expo Exposition. The information materials received by the maillist ROOTS and presented to its participants and other visitors for investigations.
zieds1mazs.gif (257 bytes)Meklējumi Informācija latviski par personām un ģimenēm, kuras tiek meklētas.
Information in Latvian about the people that somebody is searching for.
zieds1mazs.gif (257 bytes) Researchers The Page informs about some researchers who have deep interest in the genealogy and family history investigations in the region that now is Latvia.
zieds1mazs.gif (257 bytes) Search The search facility of the Site. The LATNET searcher is adjusted for search in the Site ROOTS=SAKNES only.


zieds1mazs.gif (257 bytes) Acknowledgments
Many people have helped with these pages. Here are some of them (in alphabetic order):

William Apsit, Edvin Arnowitz, Edgars Baltin, Konstantins Beloglazovs, Zinaida Bendrupe, Voldemārs Bondars, Agris Dzilna, Anita Ermuša, Ēriks Ģipslis, Maiga Jankevica (Muriņa), Pēteris Justs, Jānis Ķikuts, Arno Liepiņš, Imants Mētra, Eleonora Martuzāne, Katrīna Sataki (Martuzāne), Melānija Martuzāne (Mednis), Dzidra Paeglīte, Michael Pirang, Bonnie Kranenburg (Price), Andrejs Skuja, Andrejs Spektors, Kersten Stubendorff, Rita Svece (Martuzāne), Zaiga Šulte (Puķīte), Ints Tumilovičs, Ilze Zeize, Līga Zvīdriņa (Bērtulsone)

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