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There are a number of lists with person names published in various Chapters of the Site. In this Page I compiled the links to these lists to make them available for the visitors who are primarily interested in names. According to my plans, this Page should exist only to the moment when I have completed the search facility of this Site.

It is rather difficult to decide which Page contains a list and which one does not, because in almost any Page some names are mentioned. Here only those Pages are collected that contain names organized in a form of a list.

The Pages are ordered by the year the data concerned about.



Protected Jews 1788 The review of rules concerning the settlement of Jews in Riga contains the list of protected Jews. It provides information on 15 families.
Riga Jews 1842 The list of the first Jews allowed to register in Riga city in 1842 from the book /Buchholtz/. 70 Names
Livland The list of all civil servants of Vidzeme [Livland] province 1862. About 2600 persons mentioned.
Doctors in 1862 List of doctors, teeth doctors, veterinarians and drugstore owners in Riga 1862. 77 Names.
Consistories The Page contains information about the staff of the General Consistory and of all 8 Consistories of the Ev.-Luth. Church in the Russia Empire in 1863. 63 Names.
Pastors 1863 The list of all Pastors of the Russia Empire in 1863. This list is grouped by names in the alphabetic order for reference. If a name is found in this list, the further information is available in the following list. 369 Names.
Parishes 1863 The list of Lutheran parishes and their Pastors of the whole Russia Empire for the situation in 1863.
Gesellschaft Mitglieder der lettisch-literärischen Gesellschaft. The list of the members of the Latvian literary society. 191 Name.
School graduates It is an example of a list of school graduates (3 schools in Riga and 1 in Valmiera). The list was found in the newspaper Jaunākās ziņas (News). Monday, June 30, 1924. 245 Persons, 206 Names.
Doctors This is the list of doctors in Latvia 1925. About 950 names.
Teachers of Rīga 2nd secondary school The list of teachers who had been working in Riga secondary school Nr. 2 prior 1926. 100 Names.
Land-surveyors The list of sworn land-surveyors in Latvia 1926. 120 Names
Forest department Senior officials of the forest department of the Ministry of Agriculture 1926. 13 Names: Dambergs, Freimanis, Gailīts, Lodiņš, Melderis, Ozols, Pētersons, Robežnieks, Ruiga, Teikmans, Vizulis, Volframs, Zelmanis.
List of couples In this Page the lists of couples are copied from two issues of a newspaper (June 30, 1924 and Sept. 19, 1932) These couples either applied at the Riga Department of civil registers for the registration of their marriage or had already been registered. 71 Name.
Daugavpils excursion This is a list of teachers and students of a Daugavpils school or may be of several schools, who crossed the Lithuanian-Latvian border at October 25, 1936. 203 Persons, 183 Names.
Jews in Daugavpils List of Jewish owned enterprises in Daugavpils compiled by Zalmans Jakubs 94 Names.
Marriage invitations

This was an old tradition that became rather popular among the relatively well situated people in 1920-30's - to invite guests to marriage events by sending them special printed cards with short information about the event. The invitations are described in two files: Latvian style invitations and German style invitations. (157 names).

Jewish gymnasia The list of Jewish gymnasia in Latvia 1939 with the names of their principals. 11 Names.
Postcards The names mentioned in the addresses and in the texts of postcards described on this Site.
Burials in Gaujiena Burials in Gaujiena cemetery for 1995. The information taken from a leaflet distributed at the Cemetery feast. 69 persons, 65 names.


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