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One of the crucial point in any migration project is transportation. This page should answer some of the questions related to transport possibilities. At this moment it discuss only terrestrial transport. Unfortunately, I have not so much information yet about the sea-routes of emigrants.


Railways in Latvia Brief history of the railway development in the region of Latvia.
Highway code Highway code in 1805. The document with a copy of Tzar's letter that set up the legal consequences of road accidents caused by the fast driving of horse carriages.
Road to Ārciems The cost breakdown for building of a road. How much workers earned, and what the cost of rye in 1861 was. 2 Names: Blaumanis, Ungurs
Train schedule Riga-Daugavpils 1862 The time schedule and prices for the railway line Riga-Daugavpils in 1862 i.e. half year after the line was opened.


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