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Sometimes the real value of the money, that an ancestor had got, becomes interesting for a family history researcher i.e. what one could buy, where could one travel for this money etc.

This information is scattered in many places of this Site, but some Pages are specially meant for study of the expenses.


Money Systems Money systems in the Baltic provinces. Talers, Roubles and the exchange rates.
Exchange Rates Exchange Rates for the Russia Roubles in 1868 and 1911.
Currency Rates of Riga Exchange Currency Rates of Riga Exchange on December 22, 1920; June 39, 1924 and May 13, 1935
Pictures This Page presents some pictures of paper money.


Prices Various information about prices and salaries.
Recruit catering What cost food for recruits. A document (1808) informs about increasing of daily allocation for recruit food from 14 Kopecks to 18 Kopecks.
Train schedule Riga-Daugavpils 1862 The time schedule and prices for the railway line Riga-Daugavpils in 1862 i.e. half year after the line was opened.
Road to Ārciems The cost breakdown for building of a road. How much the workers earned and what was the cost of rye in 1861. 2 Names: Blaumanis, Ungurs
Expenses of K. von Hirschheydt. An accounting report made in the well known lunatic asylum that is situated in Strenči [Stackeln] town. It gives prices of various small items and clothes in 1914.
2 Names: Engel, Hirschheydt


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