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zieds1mazs.gif (257 bytes) Horse Passport of 1930s

10 Names: Bērziņš, Blumenau, Dreimanis, Eglītis, Feldhūns, Kalnozols, Kaufmanis, Liepa, Melbārdis, Saukants

The horse passports existed in independent Latvia. More about horses and their passports in the special Page.

In this Page a particular horse passport is described.

The passport was issued by the Priekule town municipality on February 27, 1936. The first page contains information about the owner of the horse that in this case was the Food society of Priekule. To be honest, I do not know what was this society, I think that this was a local organization rather than a state level society.

Some description of the horse is also found on the page - it was male, chestnut, and its mane was lighter. For the characterization of a horse color a lot of words exists in the Latvian language, and they were mentioned in the instruction printed at the end of the passport. For describing of the mane a word was used that was not explained in the passport, and I do not know very well what looked the mane of this horse.

The age of the horse was three years at the moment the passport was made. According to the rules, the passports were to be made when a horse reached the age 2 and a half years, so the owners of this horse were a bit late.

On the second page the description of the horse continued - it was of no breed, it was 158 cm high, and had a white mark on the forehead.

On this page the horse owner signed, as well as the head of the town - Ernests Dreimanis and the secretary of the municipality, who at that time was Jānis Saukants.

Next pages of the passport bear information about the rules concerning horse passports. After these pages the pages come that describe the alienation of the horse and its new owners. This horse was sold to Kārlis Eglītis in Gramzdas pagasts, Diž-Eglīši farm. The price was 430 Lats. The deal was certified in the municipality and the inscription was signed by Andrejs Melbārdis, who was the deputy head of the town, and by the secretary J.Saukants.

Unfortunately, the dates of the deals are not given in this Passport, but I think that K.Eglītis sold the horse rather soon, because the new price was approximately the same - 435 Ls. The buyer was Šaja Blumenau, who lived in Sabile, Rīgas str. 8. According to the directory of Latvia trade businesses /tirgotāji/ in 1936, Š.Blumenau was a professional horse trader and was born in Sabile on December 3, 1891. This deal was certified by the same officials A.Melbārdis and J.Saukants.

Š.Blumenau sold the horse to Zamuelis Liepa from Tumes pagasts Rusteikas farm. In this case the price of the horse was not registered. The deal was certified by Kandava Police officer A.Kalnozols.

Z.Liepa was not the last owner. He sold the horse for 500 Ls to Ādolfs Feldhūns living in Jelgava L.Vaļņu str.2 apt.10. The actual buyer was a person who had the power of attorney of A.Feldhūns, but I could not decipher his signature. Some information about Ādolfs Feldhūns was also found in the trade business directory 1936. He was born in Jelgava, June 11, 1896 and was busy with horse trade stationary and roaming around. His business address was Jelgava, Dīķa str. 7 that was other than the home address above. Evidently he hired also trade agents, who did the business, like in this case. The deal was certified on behalf of Tukums municipality by the secretary of Tukums town Fr. Bērziņš.

The next deal occurred at the same day, I think, because the same agent of A.Feldūns sold the horse, and the same person certified the deal. I suppose the deals were both contracted in a market in Tukums, and the secretary of the town Fr.Bērziņš was on the market place to certify the documents. Otherwise it is not clear why a deal between an agent from Jelgava and a person from Irlavas pagasts was certified in Tukums.

The buyer form Irlavas pagasts Vildiņi farm was Kārlis Kaufmanis, who bought the horse for 550 Ls, so the profit of A.Feldhūn's agent was 50 Ls.

The Passport contains no further information on deals with this horse.


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