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The family history researchers also have interest in the matters of people health - what diseases the people once suffered from, how they were cured, what the hope to survive in a case of a disease was, what the most common death causes were etc.

In this Page the references are gathered to the information I managed to present in ROOTS=SAKNES.


Morbidity Morbidity by infectious diseases for 1922 to 1930 in Latvia

Infectious diseases

Smallpox Some information about the start of smallpox vaccination in Riga and in the Russia Empire. 5 Names: Huhn, Rhode, Schulin, Strauch, Vīksna
Pastors and vaccination Pastors should promote vaccination against smallpox. A letter 1805 of Livland's Civil-gouverneur to all Pastors of Livland with proposal to develop persuasion campaign for vaccination among the countrymen.
Vaccination in Trikata Vaccination in Trikata parish 1827 and 1829. The reports of the Pastor on the number of newborn babies to be vaccinated and on the deaths of non-vaccinated children. 1 Name: Pohrt
Leprosy Information about this disease in the Baltic provinces.


Mental diseases

Statistics of mental diseases The statistical data of mentally deranged (1862) in Vidzeme [Livland].
Expenses of K. von Hirschheydt. An accounting report made in the well known lunatic asylum that is situated in Strenči [Stackeln] town. It also gives the prices of various small items and clothes in 1914.
2 Names: Engel, Hirschheydt


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