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In this Chapter of ROOTS=SAKNES quite diverse information is presented to answer various frequently asked questions about the everyday life long time ago.


Russia Empire Laws The system of Russia Empire legislation is described and some information about Laws concerning the real life (marriage, divorce, illegitimate birth etc.) of individuals is gathered.
Prewar Latvia Laws Laws and regulations of Latvia Republic (1918-1940). Currently only marriage and divorce legislation are discussed.
Bureaucracy The information about the bureaucratic system of the Russia Empire and Latvia. The documents, a subject of the states had, are described.
Calendars The Gregorian and the Julian calendars, the difference between them, and their usage in the Russia Empire.
Money Money and prices.
Health Information about public health organization and morbidity.
Horses Horses, their owners and horse passports.
Communication Information about communication means and their development should be gathered here.
Transportation Information related to transportation. To this moment only some information about railways is available.
The Military The military system of the Russia Empire and of prewar Latvia.
Charity The available information about poor people, orphans, disabled persons etc. should also be gathered on this Site. Unfortunately, to this moment only the information about Empress Marija Fjodorovna, who had in her hands all charity in the Empire, is presented.


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