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Of course, this Site should contain information about real genealogies and real family histories, although their number to this moment is not great at all. The genealogies found in the material published in the Site are listed in this Page. The fragments of family histories which I came across and managed to describe are also listed here.

My descriptions are never meant as complete family histories, they rather are short sketches of some events that seemed interesting for the Site. While working with the documents I have acquired, I have discovered that sometimes there could be found a few documents concerning the same family. I decided to describe such groups of documents as a fragment of a family history, if the group contained at least 2 documents.

The most important in this Page are the family histories that are investigated by some of the family members but they need your help, advices and information.

The longer description of family histories in memoirs are not listed here. Connect to the special Page. I have photographs from some family albums that should be described as part of a family history, which has not done yet. Some of these photographs are presented in another Page.

A lot of information about some families one can found in the descriptions of Family Bibles.



Help this people:

P.Rubenis Travel of Pēteris Rubenis and his family to America (1909), day by day. They traveled from Cēsis [Wenden] to Liepāja [Libau] and further to the United States. 7 Names: Erss, Ferders, Hūns (Huhn), Jostiņš, Rubenis, Rūniks, Sievers (Zīvers) Please visit this Page and try to identify the people.
Vachramejevs Vachramejevs - Kauliņš family history. Two brothers - Alberts and Roberts Kauliņš of this family emigrated to the USA before the WW1. Unfortunately they changed their names in the USA and gradually the contacts with them were lost. 5 names: Cepps, Ēmiņš, Kauliņš, Sutta, Vachramejevs Please visit this Page and try to identify the people.
EXPO Expo is the Page with materials of researchers who joined the discussion group ROOTS. These people also need your help.


Descriptions of some families

Bekker In this Page two photographs of people named Bekker are tried to join in one family. Please, connect and help to solve the puzzle. 1 Name: Bekker
Devillard Some photographs of R.Devillard from France and his family in Latvia with discussion of his family matters. 5 Names: Devillard, Helard, Ivanovs, Ozoliņš, Taufert-Tauper
Eglītis The diary of a war refugee K.Eglītis describing his trip to Germany and back in 1944-1946. The text also contains some information about his family. 7 Names: Eglītis (Eglīte), Eichenbaums, Grube, Hake, Izaks, Liedeskalniņš, Millers.
Ezergailis Some documents concerning Johans Ezergailis (b. 1838- ?), who came to Trikate from Nabe, are described. 3 Names: Bachmanis (Bachmann), Blumenbachs, Ezergailis (Essargail)
Kedenko The photographs of an officer of the Russia Army and of a Latvian author Vilis Lācis in a festivity of the Orthodox Church. 2 Names: Kedenko, Lācis
Klaubergs Some photographs from the family album of Klaubergs spouses. 2 Names: Irbe, Klaubergs
Klētnieks The family tree of Valdemārs Klētnieks published in his article concerning genealogical research. 12 Names: Bērks, Gailis, Galva, Klētnieks, Ozoliņš, Ozolītis, Pāns, Pētersons, Priedīte, Sērmūkslis, Šmits, Zaļaiskalns
Strauch The archive of S.Strauch (1741-1822) contains several documents of the family history that are published here by courtesy of his descendant Kersten Stubendorff. All the documents are in German, and their short review is available in English.
Stubendorff Eltern und Geschwister von A. Stubendorff und E. Bitzky. This is only part of their family tree, much more information about the family one can find in the memoirs of A.Stubendorff. 8 Names: Barthels, Bitzky, Busch, Conrad, Jannen-Pawlowsky, Manrau, Streit, Stubendorff.




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