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Russians were the most numerous national minority in prewar Latvia. Most of them belonged to the community of Old-believers whose way of life was rather closed for other people. May be this is one of the reasons why I have so few information about the life of Old-believers in Latvia. But not so much information is available also about the Russians who belonged to the Greek Orthodox Church. The information about life in the Russia Empire in general is scattered in other Pages of the Site.


Migration of Russians into the region of Latvia. A short overview of the migration during the reference period 1800-1950.


Billets Billets were documents that a person was handed when he or she produced the passport at a Police institution. The billets of 1838 and 1859 for Riga city are shown. 3 Names: Martinovs, Fjodorovs, Skuja
Malania' s child Police information (1852) about a child who was born out of marriage and killed thereafter by its mother - a woman serf from Pskov province. 3 Names: Galaktionov, Engelhardt, Neumann
Placard Passport The Placard Passport made in 1868 that allowed to travel in any part of the Empire. 3 Names: Ribakovs, Ruts, Simanovičs (Simanowicz)
Tajlova school Information about the girls gymnasium of Ludmila Ivanovna Tailova with the Russian teaching language established in 1884. A photograph of the school graduates 1914 is also available here. 6 Names: Beater, Ivanovs, Lisicins, Ruckis, Sadovskis, Tailovs (Tajlovs)


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