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The Latvians are the most numerous ethnicity in Latvia so no wonder most genealogically related information on this Site concerns them. This information can be found in almost all of the pages in the ROOTS=SAKNES site. Therefore in this Page the Pages are mainly listed that could not be referenced well in other lists.


Migration The Migration history of Latvians A short review of migration processes
WW2 The migrations of Latvians during the WW2
Post WW2 Latvian population changes after the WW2


Free Latvians Free Latvians at 1800. The ways how Latvian serfs could get freedom in the time of serfdom.
Colonization The order of the Tzar (1800) distributed to all the manors of Vidzeme [Livland], that the peasants (serfs) could be moved to Siberia for settling on free lands.
Balts in Brazil Vivian M. Gruber The Balts in Brazil: A nothern minority in a southern country. Historical information about the settlements of Latvian Baptists in Brazil


P.Rubenis Travel of Pēteris Rubenis and his family to America (1909), day by day. They traveled from Cēsis [Wenden] to Liepāja [Libau] and further to the United States. 7 Names: Erss, Ferders, Hūns (Huhn), Jostiņš, Rubenis, Rūniks, Sievers (Zīvers)


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