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No doubt, these are Jews of a ghetto. Unfortunately, I do not know of which one.

The person, who sold me the photograph, assured me that this group was photographed in Riga Ghetto. However some features of the deal made me doubt his information, and I discussed the problem with some experts. The building does not look like one from the place where Riga Ghetto was set up. And it is clear now that the copy was not made in the war time but much later, and quite possible it was a reproduction of an original photograph or its negative. One may know that the photographs of this kind are sold for relatively good money and therefore some sort of bogus is not excluded. By the way, one of the reasons that this photograph should not be of great value for collectors was rather low price I was asked for it.

But for the ROOTS=SAKNES site the photograph is good enough, because it really is a scene in a Ghetto or somewhere else, where the Jews were transported to. In fact, I initially thought it could be a film scene arranged by a good director. Really, have a look on the Jews once more.

JewsJews.jpg (103033 bytes)

It seems like somebody wanted to choose a sample of a Jewish community. You see here a teenager, and a mature man, and an older Jew. Those who stack to their religion and had beards, and those who even in the Ghetto could shave and wanted to. They have spent rather long time in the Ghetto, what I decide from their worn out clothes, and the young man on the right side of the picture even has grown out of his sleeves. And no delusion you can discover in their eyes. Rather strange is the fact that they had no yellow stars (Mogen David) on their clothing. May be they did not obey the order to have them and now are waiting for punishment?

And now have a look on these nice happy guys in Police (not the SS) uniforms:


JewsLeft2.jpg (22317 bytes)

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JewsCigarr.jpg (28244 bytes)

At the first glance the difference in the both groups seems to be too great and a bit artificial. I mean a bit artificial for a movie but evidently quite usual for life in a Ghetto.



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