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The information of this Site concerning Jews in the region of Latvia is concentrated in the following Pages:


General information

Migration history A short overview of the migration of Jews in the region of Latvia. The Holocaust.
History of Jews in Kurzeme The paper of Tatjana Aleksejeva on the history of Jews in the Duchy of Courland (1561 - 1795) informs about various aspects of the life and the migration of Jews in Kurzeme.
Jews in Latvia This is a paper of Gvido Straube about the Jewish minority in Latvia in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Rules for Jews in the Russia Empire

Rules for Jews Jews in the bureaucratical system of the Russia Empire. Various (economical, fashion, linguistic, legal) restrictions on Jewish life in the Empire.
Geographical Pale The rules about the settlement of Jews in the Empire
Educational Pale The rules concerning Jewish education in the Empire
Law 1804 The Law on the Amendment of the life of Jews 1804 was the first and one of the most important Laws concerning Jews in the Russia Empire. At this moment only the German translation of that time is available here.
Military service This is a general review of the system of military service in the Russia Empire, and it also contains information about the special rules for Jewish conscription.
Conversion The legal aspects of religious conversion in the Russia Empire are discussed. The Page also provides information about the regulations of Jewish conversion.
Hair shaving The Highest order that prohibited married Jewish women from shaving their hair.


Rules for Jews in the Baltic Provinces of the Russia Empire

Expelling This is the decree of the General Governor of Vidzeme [Livland] about the expelling of Jews out of the province.
Baltic Jews The overview of the rules for Jews in the Baltic provinces, mainly in Rīga. It presents the essence of the information in the book of /Buchholtz/ and in other sources.
Riga Jews The text of several chapters of the book on Jews in Rīga /Buchholtz/ (In German)
Jewish language The text of the Patent informing trading Jews that no documents in the Jewish language would be accepted in Rīga custom office since July 25, 1818
Rules 1822 The text of the Law of 1822 dealing with the Jews in Rīga city (in German)
Allowed Jews The rules of 1822 about Jews allowed to visit Rīga city. The discussion in English of some fragments of the text of the above mentioned Law of 1822.
Riga Jews 1842 The list of the first Jews allowed to register in Rīga city in 1842 from the book /Buchholtz/. 70 Names
Jewish recruits The instruction (1830) to the Lutheran Pastors how the conversion of Jewish soldiers should be conducted.


Information about Jewish life from Latvian sources

Traveling Jewish salesmen A short review of the life and the business of traveling Jewish salesmen in Latvia based on the observations published in books of Latvian authors.
Parcel of a traveling salesman A peep in the parcel of a traveling Jewish salesman with the description of the items he sold, their prices and market possibilities.
Jews in a farmhouse Three sketches of a Latvian author J.Jaunsudrabiņš are recounted here. They touch the life of Jewish salesmen and craftsmen, who visited the farms where the author spent his childhood. The relationships between farmpeople and Jews are also witnessed.
Fun with a traveling Jew A story about a Jewish traveling salesman written by a Latvian author R.Blaumanis is recounted.


Holocaust events

Scene in Ghetto A scene was photographed in a ghetto presumably in the region of Latvia.
Episodes The episodes of the Holocaust events in Viļaka vicinities I have heard about. 1 Name: Fried.
Synagogue in Riga A short history of building in 1871 and destroying in 1941 of the main Synagogue in Riga is reported based on the paper published in 1873 and on other information sources. 11 Names: Hardenack, Hollander, Jiezēns (Iezens), Koslow, Krüger, Nags, Paturskis, Pucher, Rivošs, Tobiass, Vaters
Letters from Minsk 10 Letters of an SD-man J.Jogints sent from Minsk in 1943 are published. He was busy with extermination of ghettos in Minsk and in other towns of Belorus.


Some photographs with Jews

Tailova's gymnasium This was a class of a private school for ladies in Rīga with Russian teaching language. The statistics of pupil ethnicities for this school allow to suppose that about 5-6 girls in the photographed class were Jewish. 42 Names: Baranovs, Bērziņš, Blankenburgs, Blindreichs, Blumentals, Borisovičs, Braunšteins (Braunstein), Brošs, Bukau, Cauka, Drozdovskis, Erdmans, Ermansons, Gitings, Goldrings, Grühner, Ivanovs, Jevangulovs, Lopatins, Maslovs, Michnovskis, Muzikants, Ņemčinovs, Ņesterovs, Petropavlovskis, Prus, Richters, Ruckijs (Ruckis), Solovjovs, Sosnovskis, Šmurlo, Šulcs, Tailova, Vannag (Vanags), Vasiljevs, Veremejenko, Vladimirskijs (Vladimirskis), Valters, Vunderlichs (Wunderlich), Zandbergs (Sandberg), Zaruckis.
Each person on the photograph is identified.
Jewish class A photograph of young guys who for me look like Jewish students of a prewar gymnasium. Could you agree with me?
Jaunjelgava commercial school In prewar Latvia some Jews studied in the schools with education in Latvian language. The commercial schools were rather popular education institutions for them. 15 Names: .Ansons, Bērziņš, Ciglickis, Gersons, Jozuus, Kacs, Kloniņš, Michalovičs, Ošiņš, Osītis, Pētersons, Skujiņš, Speiga, Stūrmanis, Švampāns


Other documents and lists with Jews mentioned

Palanga Jews The document about 13 Palanga Jews who were put in jail in 1832 for their protest against additional Korobka tax. 2 Names: Feinstein, Zausmer.
Jewish convert The letter of Riga Consistory to the Palsmane Priest with queries for additional information about the family of a Jewish convert V.Geiman (1895).
Doctors in Latvia List of doctors who had practice in Latvia in 1925. Their names, addresses and ethnicities. Totally 959 persons, of which 271 Jewish. (149 KB)
Gymnasia The list of Jewish gymnasia in Latvia 1939. 11 Names: Bergmanis, Bovšovers, Drujāns, Grīnmanis, Kopilovs, Levenštams, Meierovičs, Michelsons, Mulers, Perniaks, Rauchvargers
Jews in Tukums Applications of 3 Tukums Jews for the contracts of the hiring of shop premises in 1930s from the local municipality. 7 Names: Alufs, Balodis, Eichholcs, Finkenšteins, Kirškalns, Sēja, Simsons
Horse passport The document that any horse owner had in prewar Latvia. Some Jewish owners of horses are also mentioned. 10 Names: Bērziņš, Blumenau, Dreimanis, Eglītis, Feldhūns, Kalnozols, Kaufmanis, Liepa, Melbārdis, Saukants
Jews in Daugavpils List of Jewish owned enterprises in Daugavpils compiled by Zalmans Jakubs (94 Names)
Daugavpils excursion This is a list of teachers and students of Daugavpils schools who crossed the Lithuanian-Latvian border on October 25, 1936. I think there are also some Jewish names mentioned in the list. 183 Names.


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