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The information about ethnic Germans can be found in many texts and documents published on this Site.

The Pages mainly concerned with Germans are the following:


Migration History Short overview of migration processes of Germans during the reference period 1800-1940
Placard Passport Placard Passports that allowed to travel in any part of the Russia Empire in 1900. 7 Names: Asmus, Dekkerts (Deckert), Mednis, Porietis, Špacs (Spatz), Zeltiņš, Zutis
Gesellschaft Mitglieder der lettisch-literärischen Gesellschaft. The list of the members of the Latvian literary society. 191 Name.
Familienforschung Familienforschung und Siedlungsgeschichte. A paper of Wolfgang Wachtsmuth on the migration processes of Germans to the Baltics published in Rigascher Almanach 1929. (in German)
Manteuffels Siedlungsarbeit Here the book of Karl Freiherr von Manteuffel gen. Zoege-Katzdangen Dr. Dr. H.C. Kreismarschall A.D. Meine Siedlungsarbeit in Kurland (My work on promotion of settling in Kurland) is published (in German). Please, find also the maps in this Page.
Baltische Adel

Baltische Adelsgeschlechter Familien. The names of the Baltic nobility from the list of the German centre of genealogical investigations in Leipzig.
268 Names

Germany-Latvia Treaty The Germany-Latvia Treaty on the resettlement of the Latvia citizens of German ethnicity to Germany. The Treaty was signed on October 30, 1939 and published the same day in the newspaper Valdības vēstnesis (The messenger of the government). On this Site the text of the Treaty is available in Latvian as well as in German languages.
Great Migration 1 The great Migration of Germans in September - October 1939, day by day. 15 Names: Asmus, Augškāps, Bērziņš, Eberhards, Eggert, Eglītis, Fīrhufs (Vierhuff), Hanovičs, Munters, Nietzsche, Röpenack, Silenieks, Štubendorfs, Ulmanis, Veitmanis
Great Migration 2 The great Migration of Germans in November - December 1939, day by day. 32 Names: Apsītis, Artums-Hartmanis, Augškāps, Bērziņš, Blosfelds, Blumbergs, Bonerts, Bulmerinks (Bulmerincq), Butte, Chatkewitsch, Cimermanis, Doberts, Fogels, Gross, Grīnbergs, Hartvigs, Hencis, Inge, Jordans, Kangers, Martinovs, Mikvics, Munters, Musinovičs, Radeckis, Reimers, Reinhards, Rudums, Smolian, Ulmanis, Veitmanis, Wunderlich
Postcards from Posen Some postcards sent from the Posen now Poznan region by German settlers are presented. 17 Names: Brackmann, Dibrovs (Dübrow), Fedorovs, Grēviņš, Hermanis (Hermann), Hībners (Hübner), Koziņenko (Kosinenko), Krūmiņš, Leiland, Lukats, Matsons, Meiers, Roters, Rotkājs, Rumševics (Rumschewitz), Volkovs, Wulfs (Wulff).



Jugenderinnerungen aus der Altstadt in Riga The memoirs of Bernhard Hollander about his childhood in Riga published in Rigascher Almanach 1929. (In German)
Errinerungen von Adele Stubendorff The memoirs of Adele Stubendorff b. Barthels (1873-1934) about her youth in Kurland province at the end of the 19th century are published here for the first time by courtesy of Kersten Stubendorff - a grandson of the author (in German) 264kB. The family tree of the author is in another Page.
Archive of Samuel Strauch The archive of S.Strauch (1741-1822) contains several documents that are published here by courtesy of his descendant Kersten Stubendorff. All the documents are in German, but their short review is proposed in English.


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