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Here the information of the ROOTS=SAKNES organized by ethnicities is presented. It is planned that for all of the ethnicities that lived in the region of Latvia a short review of migration history should be proposed, including migrations to Nowhere - wars, revolutions, massacres, the Holocaust etc.

The information on an ethnicity and on the life of the people could be found in this Page, and it is also scattered in other Chapters and Pages of the Site. The amount of the information made available in the ROOTS=SAKNES to this moment is not equal for various ethnicities. Please, do not think it is because of any implied or express importance level, I just either have not find relevant information yet or could not describe yet what I already have .


General problems


How the word Ethnicity is used on this Site and how the appropriate concept was understood in various time periods.

Statistics. Statistical information of the Censuses on the share of ethnicities in the population of Latvia. 1897 - 1935.
Mixed marriages The data on cross-ethnic marriages for 1930 and 1937 in Latvia are presented.
Names of ethnicities Names of ethnicities and ethnicities in names. A bit of information about Latvian family names that were coined from the names of ethnicities.



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zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Poles information not available yet
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zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Gypsies information not available yet
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Livs information not available yet
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) Vots
zieds1mazs2.gif (177 bytes) French In fact I have information about only one French family in Riga - Devillard


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