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It is very important to know the education level of one's ancestors. The acquired education tells you a lot about the life and the livelihood of a person, and one may hope to find some further information about ancestors in the documents of appropriate education institutions.

It was planned to gather a lot of information in ROOTS=SAKNES about education institutions in the region of Latvia. And in fact I have collected some information about schools and their pupils. I hope it will be presented in the nearest future.


Photographs Photographs of classes of schools. 336 names.
Teacher photographs Only two teacher groups photographed in various occasions.
Teachers of Rīga 2nd secondary school The list of teachers who had worked in Riga secondary school Nr. 2 prior 1926.



Application The application to Nikolaj I gymnasium in Riga. Edgars Slaviets wished to enroll at this gymnasium 1913 and his father filled in the application form. 1 Name. Slaviets
Tajlova school Information about the girls gymnasium of Ludmila Ivanovna Tailova with the Russian teaching language. The school was established in 1884. A photograph of the school graduates 1914 is also available here. 6 Names: Beater, Ivanovs, Lisicins, Ruckis, Sadovskis, Tailovs (Tajlovs).
Fetler's school A photograph of the graduates from the Bible and Mission school 1924/1925 with the names. 30 Names: Antmans, Blūmits, Brachmans (Brahmanis), Brauers, Bukstiņš, Dambergs, Fetlers, Galens (Gallens), Jurka, Kāpostiņš, Kaufmans, Klaupiks, Kovalevskis, Lācis, Landmans, Lasmans, Leja, Lejasmeijers, Maloff, Odiņš, Peterkops, Redlichs (Redlihs), Ronis, Rozenbergs, Siņačevskijs, Švarcs, Vagars, Vecmans, Vegners, Zaltiņš
School graduates It is an example of a list of school graduates (3 schools in Riga and 1 in Valmiera). The list was found in the newspaper Jaunākās ziņas (News). Monday, June 30, 1924. 245 Persons, 206 Names.
Daugavpils excursion This is a list of teachers and students of a Daugavpils school or may be of several schools, who crossed the Lithuanian-Latvian border October 25, 1936. 203 Persons, 183 Names.
Education of typists A certificate of the courses of typewriters (1938). 2 Names: Jansons, Puriņš.
Jewish gymnasia The list of Jewish gymnasia in Latvia 1939. 11 Names: Bergmanis, Bovšovers, Drujāns, Grīnmanis, Kopilovs, Levenštams, Meierovičs, Michelsons, Mulers, Perniaks, Rauchvargers.


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