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While working on this Site, I have gathered a lot of various original documents that I thought might be interesting for family history researches, because these documents either inform about some real persons or give some essential or less known first hand information on life long time ago. Some of these documents have already been published on this Site, some of them will be published soon, some later and some never.

This Page overviews the documents and lists the groups of the documents published here. In this Page only the documents produced in bureaucratic institutions are considered. Photographs, letters, postcards are described in other Pages. Visit the Chapter - Pebbles for the information about them.


Church archives The general information about the documents of church archives based on investigation of those I have collected.
Circular letters The system of information provision to the people of the Russia Empire that produced a lot of documents.


Groups of documents

Person documents The person documents of the Russia Empire. Billets and passports.
Love in Livland Love, sex and births in Vidzeme [Livland]. The church and pagasts documents about premarital relations, births out of wedlock etc. 54 Names
Contracts Contracts of leasing shop premises that the Tukums Jews signed with the municipality in 1930s. 7 Names: Alufs, Balodis, Eichholcs, Finkenšteins, Kirškalns, Sēja, Simsons


Circular letters (Patents) (The older ones are mentioned first)

Expelling This is the decree of the General Governor of Vidzeme [Livland] (1764) about the expelling of Jews out of the province.
Colonization The order of the Tzar (1800) distributed to all manors of Vidzeme [Livland], that the peasants (serfs) could be moved to Siberia for settling on free lands.
A fugitive wanted A leaflet informing about a fugitive serf J.J.Krikmeijers (1800). 7 Names: Ekarts (Eckardt), Krikmeijers (Krickmeyer), Karomalins, Miklašovskis, Omancovs, Richters, Švarcs (Schwarz)
Fugitive group The publication about a group of fugitives from the Pastor's manor in Suntaži (1802). 6 Names: Ekarts (Eckardt), Karomalins (Karomalyn), Lāze (Lāže?), Mažāns, Richters (Richter), Švarcs (Schwartz)
Conscription of Recruits The Order of the Tzar about the start of recruiting in 1802 that was distributed to the manors of Vidzeme [Livland].
Law 1804 The Law on Amendment of the life of Jews 1804 was the first and one of the most important Laws concerning Jews in the Russia Empire. At this moment only the German translation of that time is available here.
Pastors and vaccination Pastors should promote vaccination against smallpox. A letter 1805 of Livland's Civil-gouverneur to all Pastors of Livland with proposal to develop a persuasion campaign for vaccination among the countrymen.
Highway code Highway code in 1805. The document with the copy of Tzar's letter which set out the legal consequences of road accidents caused by the fast driving of horse carriages.
Capitals The capitals of guild merchants that they had to have if registered in one of three guilds (1807).
Recruit catering What cost food for recruits. A document (1808) informs about increasing of the daily allocation for recruit food from 14 Kopecks to 18 Kopecks.
Lost Money The lost money should be found. Two packages containing 120 000 Roubles were lost while transported from St. Petersbourg to Riga. All people of the province are ordered to search that money.
Jewish language The text of the Patent concerning trading Jews that no documents in Jewish language would be accepted in Riga custom office since July 25, 1818
Kantonists In 1828 the Order of the Tzar was issued that allowed one son of a mutilated soldier to be taken out of his kanton school.
Head shaving The rules of the Empire about the shaving of heads by married Jewish women (1852)



Single documents (The older ones are mentioned first)

Recipe for horse plague A letter the Trikaten pastor sent to all manors of his parish with an excellent recipe against horse plague. End of the 18th century. 4 Names: Grünling, Frisch, Hollander, Salzmann
Roads should be repaired immediately The order to the manors of Trikaten parish to check the condition of the road St.Petersburg-Riga and to perform necessary repairs. It should be done immediately because an official road inspection will start in a few days. 10 Names: Adamowicz, Burchard, Lukins, Lūkins, Mengden, Mežulis, Strože, Strožs, Wulf, Zobens
Deaths of babies The history of Abolītis spouses, who lost 8 babies soon after their births in the 1820s. 2 Names: Ābolītis, Ports
The next Tsar goes to St. Petersbourg The next Tsar goes to St. Petersbourg (maybe) This is the order to arrange the trip of supposed Tsar Constantin who was assumed to go frpm Warsaw to St. Petersburg at the end of 1824. 11 Names: Boesig, Falk, Henk, Kevets, Keviets, Knappe, Laiming, Laimiņš, Maydell, Pohrt, Zorn
Vaccination in Trikata Vaccination in Trikata parish 1827 and 1829. The reports of the Pastor on the number of newborn babies to be vaccinated and on the deaths of non-vaccinated children. 1 Name: Pohrt
Case of 13 Jews The case of 13 Polangen Jews, who were imprisoned for not paying the Korobka tax (1832). 2 Names: Feinstein, Zausmer (Cauzmers)
Foreigners The Formalities to be observed by foreigners traveling in the Russia Empire that were formulated in the Law of Passports and Runaways published in 1836. The text of the leaflet with explanations of the regulations each foreigner received.
Reversale The document that each convert to the Orthodox religion signed.
Chase of agitators The order to the Lutheran Pastors (1845) to take part in the investigation of agitators who falsely informed people in the countryside about the material advantages of the conversion to the Orthodox religion.
Malania' s child Police information (1852) about a child who was born out of marriage and killed thereafter. 3 Names: Galaktionov, Engelhardt, Neumann
Expenses for road The breakdown of expenses on the building of a road to Ārciems in 1861. 2 Names: Blaumanis, Ungurs
Cross-religious marriage Why could not be married Ieva Dukurs and Ivans Gorkovs? The report of a pagasts court (1865) on a quarrel in rude expressions. 7 Names: Briedis, Dukurs, Gārcis, Gorkovs, Kreišmanis, Meņšikovs, Penka
Dārte's crime The letter of the Consistory to Pastor Otto with the order to conduct the Church penance on an unintentional murderer Dārte Bērziņš who poisoned a child in 1866. 3 Names: Bērziņš, Otto, Stryk
Birth of M.Draulis The document of Valmiera-Veide church (1884) about the birth of Minna Draulis out of wedlock. 2 Names: Draulis, Hollander (Holanders)
Conversion of L. Karro The case of Līze Karro, who was converted to the Orthodox religion (1871). 6 Names: Karro, Bluhma (Blūms), Jehrum (Jērums), Kupfers, Recups, Sihle (Zīle)
Eglītis' inquiry A letter of Jānis Eglītis to a higher Church official (Provost) for permission to marry a cousin. 2 Names: Eglītis (Egliht), Hērvāgens (1871)
Ābolītis may marry The marriage permission to Ivan Ahbolit, a soldier (1878). 1 Name: Ābolītis (Ahbolit)
Jewish convert The letter of Riga Orthodox consistory to the Palsmane Priest with the inquiry of additional information about the family of a Jewish convert V.Geiman in 1895. 4 Names: Cvetikovs, Geimans (Heiman), Kņazevs, Moisejevs.
Signature The document of the Russia Empire which a Lutheran bride or a bridgroom had to sign if their other part belonged to the Orthodox religion. 5 Names: Daņilovs, Krēslinš, Muraveiskis, Rode, Zilvers. (1896)
Reconversion The letter of the Consistory to the Valmiera Orthodox priest (1906) with the information that 3 of his parish members are wishing to reconvert to Lutheran religion, and with the instructions what he should do. 4 Names: Berezskis, Drozdovs, Miška, Muraveiskis, Sokolovs, Zariņš.
School application An application to Nikolaj I gymnasium in Riga. Edgars Slaviets wished to enroll at this gymnasium 1913, and his father filled in the application form. 1 Name. Slaviets.
Expenses of K. von Hirschheydt Expenses of Karin von Hirschheydt for personal needs in the hospital (1914). 2 Names. Engel, Hirschheydt.
Reservist certificate Military reservist certificate in Latvia. 3 Names: Jakobsons, Meri, Zviedrītis.
Horse passport The document which any horse owner had in prewar Latvia. 10 Names: Bērziņš, Blumenau, Dreimanis, Eglītis, Feldhūns, Kalnozols, Kaufmanis, Liepa, Melbārdis, Saukants.
Certificates The Page contains information on two certificates issued by communities of the Old-Believers living in independent Latvia. 9 Names: Firsovs, Galilejevs, Jeremejevs, Jermolajevs, Koļesņikovs, Markovs, Presņakovs, Šalajevs, Zavoloka
Jews in Tukums The applications of 3 Tukums Jews for contracts of the hiring of shop premises in 1930s from the local municipality. 7 Names: Alufs, Balodis, Eichholcs, Finkenšteins, Kirškalns, Sēja, Simsons
Daugavpils excursion A list of teachers and students of a Daugavpils school or may be of several schools, who crossed the Lithuanian-Latvian border on October 25, 1936. 183 Names.
Education of typists A certificate on the graduation of the courses of typewriters (1938). 2 Names: Jansons, Puriņš.
Germany -Latvia Treaty The Germany-Latvia Treaty on the resettlement of Latvia citizens of German ethnicity to Germany. The Treaty was signed on October 30, 1939 and was published the same day in the newspaper Valdības vēstnesis (The messenger of the government). On this Site the text of the Treaty is available in Latvian and in German languages.
Trip of a refugee The diary of a war refugee K.Eglītis describing his trip to Germany and back in 1944-1946. The text also contains some documents issued by the Soviet occupation forces and the local German governments of the Soviet occupation zone. 7 Names: Eglītis (Eglīte), Eichenbaums, Grube, Hake, Izaks, Liedeskalniņš, Millers.


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