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Family history researchers frequently ask about the illnesses their ancestors suffered from, about the causes of death of them. Here the relevant information is being gathered. This Page would be also quite a good place for the information that is possible to find in obituaries published in newspapers and similar sources. Unfortunately, I have not planned to gather this information yet. Similarly, the information about the cemeteries in Latvia would fit in this Page quite well, but I have practically nothing.  


Morbidity Morbidity statistics for Latvia of the 1920s
Foundlings Statistics of murders of newborn babies mainly for the 1920s. Statistical data and some additional information about foundlings. 6 Names: Freimanis, Kulagins, Pavasars, Sikaters, Toms, Zaļums
Smallpox Information about this disease and the vaccination in the region of Latvia. 5 Names: Huhn, Rhode, Schulin, Strauch, Vīksna


Aboliht babies Deaths of Aboliht babies. A record about births and deaths of the children of Jānis and Māriņa Ābolītis. (1820s - 1830s). 2 Names: Ābolītis, Ports
Deaths of babies The births and deaths statistics for babies of Trikata parish in 1827 and 1829 provided by Pastor J.Pohrt.
Malania' s child Police information (1852) about a child, who was born out of marriage and killed thereafter. 3 Names: Galaktionov, Engelhardt, Neumann
Another murder case The letter of the Consistory to Pastor Otto with the order to conduct Church penance to a reckless murderer (1866). 3 Names: Bērziņš, Otto, Stryk


Burials in Gaujiena Burials in Gaujiena cemetery for 1995. The information taken from a leaflet distributed at the Cemetery feast. 69 persons, 65 names.


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