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The regulations for travels of foreigners in the Russia Empire were set forth in the Law on Passports and Runaways published in 1836. According to this Law, every foreigner, who entered the country, received a leaflet with explanations of the regulations he was to obey in the Empire. The text of the leaflet was published as an Appendix to the Law in German, French, English and Italian languages. The English variant you may read below. By the way, the foreigner paid for this leaflet 25 Kopecks.

Note: On this Site I am using the word province for what is called government in this document.


to be observed by Foreigners on arriving in Russia and on departing from the Empire

Every foreigner who arrives in Russia furnished with a Pass-port duly authenticated, ought to present himself, in the chief-town of the first government on his road, before the Civil-Governor, in order to deliver to him his Pass-port and get a ticket for his journey, that he may be able to prosecute the same into the interior of the Empire. This ticket must be renewed in every Governmenttown through which he passes on his road, and on his arrival at the place of his destination, he ought again to present himself before the respective Civil-Governor, in order to have this ticket exchanged for a permission of residence. In both Metropolises of the Empire, viz: Mosco and St. Petersburg, this permission or ticket of residence is to be obtained at the Address-Office for Foreigners (Bureau d'adresse pour les etrangers).

Every foreigner who wishes to leave Russia, ought to present a petition to that effect to the military Governor, Governor general or Civil-Governor, accompanied with a certificate from the Police that there is no legal impediment to his leaving the Empire: besides he must advertise his intended departure in the newspapers, if such are published in the chief-town of the government where he resides. After having observed these formalities, the foreigner receives his Pass-port without delay, and in case of necessity he can also obtain the Pass-port with which he crossed the frontiers of the Empire.

The Pass-ports for departure delivered to foreigners in the governments on the frontiers, are valid for the term of three weeks, and those from the governments of the interior for thremonths. After the lapse of this term these Pass-ports must be revised by the Governor, in order tho enable the foreigner to pass the frontiers of the Empire.