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Some understanding of the bureaucratic system at the relevant countries can be really helpful in your investigation of the family history, because it allows to predict what information could be discovered in official documents and what it meant; to understand the behavior of the ancestors and to feel what life was in the olden days.


Fundamentals Fundamentals of bureaucracy. What information was needed to identify a person, what documents possessed a migrating individual in the Russia Empire.
Person documents Person documents of Russia Empire and Latvia. Samples of real billets, passports and other similar documents.
Foreigners The Formalities to be observed by foreigners traveling in the Russia Empire, that were formulated in the Law of Passports and Runaways published in 1836. The text of the leaflet with explanations of the regulations each foreigner received.
Conversions The conversion from one religion to another in the Russia Empire was bounded with some bureaucracy.
Livland The list of all civil servants of Vidzeme [Livland] province 1862 who worked in the bureaucratic institutions of that time. About 2600 persons mentioned.


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