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This Page should present the information related to human births. For example, the information about the birth certificates issued by a Church or by other institutions, that I have in the document collection. At this moment I have included in the Site only some documents. The information about the illegitimate children also may be found here.



Malania' s child The police information about a child, who was born out of marriage and killed thereafter. 3 Names: Galaktionov, Engelhardt, Neumann
Birth of M.Draulis The document of Valmiera-Veide church 1884 about the birth of Minna Draulis, who was born out of marriage. 2 Names: Draulis, Hollander (Holanders)
Births in Trikata The birth and deaths statistics for Trikata parish babies in 1827 and 1829 provided by Pastor J.Pohrt.


Illegitimate children

Legal status The legal status of illegitimate children in the Russia Empire
Statistics The statistics of illegitimate births in the Russia Empire and Latvia Republic.
Love and sex in Vidzeme The real documents of pagasts courts mainly from the Trikata church archive in Vidzeme [Livland] give insight in the relations of the young people and show what happened if a child was born out of marriage.
Foundlings Statistical data and some additional information about foundlings mainly for the 1920s. Statistics of murders of newborn babies.


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