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A lot of your male ancestors were involved in various military activities. So the information on life and migrations of soldiers and war prisoners would be important to many family history researchers.


Military service

The system of military service of the Russia Empire is overviewed.

Mandatory service An overview of the Law of mandatory military service in the Russia Empire 1873. In the Latvian language of 1874.
Colonization The order of the Tzar (1800) distributed to all manors of Vidzeme [Livland] that the peasants (serfs) could be moved to Siberia for settlement on free lands. The settlers were counted in the quota of recruits for the manor.
Conscription A document concerning the technology of recruiting in 1801.
Recruit catering What the food for recruits cost. The document (1808) informs about the increasing of daily allocation for recruit food from 14 Kopecks to 18 Kopecks.
Expenses for recruits Expenses for a delivered recruit. Money that a previous owner of a recruit had to pay for a delivered recruit to cover the expenses for his cloth and catering in 1818..
Kantonists Kantonists that could be got out of schools. In 1828 an Order of the Tzar was issued which allowed one son of an injured soldier to be taken out of his Kanton school.


The Militaries Photographs of militaries.
Reservist Certificate The document that every person of the reserve of Latvia Army obtained in prewar Latvia. The discussion also presents general information about military service in the Latvia Army. 3 Names: Jakobsons, Meri, Zviedrītis.
Antiņš Postcards sent from Vidzeme [Livland] across the front line of WW1 to Jānis Antiņš, a Russia war prisoner in Germany. 4 Names: Antiņš, Bušs, Bičulis, Poškus


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