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The first photographs I ever bought for this Site were of some historical value, and therefore the booksellers priced them very high. Being a beginning collector, I paid for them much more than their market value could be.

They were 2 pictures of the newspaper "Jaunākās Ziņas" editorial staff in 1927 and 1930. The business policy of the owners of this newspaper was to have well-known authors in the staff just to prevent their engagement by  competitors. The writers were paid regular salary and were obliged to publish their new novels or stories in the newspaper, what was not so bad for them, neither for the newspaper nor the writer, I guess.

It is rather important from historical point of view that relatively many members of the team became active supporters and VIP of the Soviet regime later in 1940.

When I bought the pictures, I knew only the names of some of  writers seen on the picture. Fortunately A.Benjāmiņš led me to the book "Latvijas preses karalis (The king of the Latvian press)" written by the former editor-in-chief of the newspaper Jānis Kārkliņš. In this book one of these pictures (for 1930) is published, and the names of the persons are listed. Strange enough, even in this book not all of the first names of the persons were mentioned what I explain that J.Kārkliņš after long time could not remember the family names of the less important people of the staff. From genealogical point of view all the people are equally important and so I am publishing these pictures in hope to get some additional information about all of the persons, their fates and families.

The information about the editorial staff of 1927 I occasionaly found much later in the magazine "Atpūta" Nr.119.

"Jaunakas Zinas" editorial staff in the first half of 1927.
"Jaunakas Zinas" editorial staff on July 12, 1930.

The dates of the photographing were written on the backside of the photographs.


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