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zieds1mazs.gif (257 bytes)  Gymnasium of Tailova


44 Persons
42 Names: Baranovs, Bērziņš, Blankenburgs, Blindreichs, Blumentals, Borisovičs, Braunšteins (Braunstein), Broš, Bukau, Cauka, Drozdovskis, Erdmans, Ermansons, Gitings, Goldrings, Grühner, Ivanovs, Jevangulovs, Lopatins, Maslovs, Michnovskis, Muzikants, Ņemčinovs, Ņesterovs, Petropavlovskis, Prus, Richters, Ruckijs (Ruckis), Solovjovs, Sosnovskis, Šmurlo, Šulcs, Tailovs (Tajlovs), Vannag (Vanags), Vasiljevs, Veremejenko, Vladimirskijs (Vladimirskis), Valters, Wunderlich (Vunderlichs), Zandberg (Sandberg), Zaruckis


This is the photograph of the 7th class of Tailova's gymnasium in May 1915. The photograph belongs to the archive of Tatjana Ivanova. It is the largest personal archive I have in my possession and is not described yet.

Tatjana Ivanova graduated the gymnasium and knew all the students of this class. What is much more important for our goals, she carefully numbered everybody on the front side of the picture and then explained who is who on the backside of it. There is only one exception - she did not know who is the gentlemen on the left side of the second line.

The school was organized and owned by Ludmila Tailova, and it was a school for well-situated ladies. The teaching language was Russian, but the school enrolled students regardless of their ethnicity and religion. For the general information on the school visit the special Page.

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The picture is clickable. You may click on a person to get enlarged picture.

The list of the teachers and students in the alphabetical order follows. I wrote full forms of patronymics, T.Ivanova shortened them.
Sergej Baranov Orthodox priest
Austra Bērziņš  
Emmilina Blankenburg  
Roza Blindreich  
Gali Blumental  
Lidija Borisovič  
Sofija Braunštein (Braunstein)  
Natalija Broš  
Milda Bukau  
Emma Cauka  
Erika Drozdovskaja (Drozdovskis)  
Walli Erdman  
Ksenija Ermanson  
Anna Giting  
Hanna Goldring  
  Grühner Lutheran Pastor
Tatjana Ivanova  
Lidija Jevangulova  
Ksenija Lopatina  
Natalija Maslova  
Jevgenija Michailovna Michnovskaja (Michnovskis) Teacher
Ella Muzikants  
Olga Nikolajevna Ņemčinova Teacher
Antonina Ņesterova  
Sergej Ivanovič Petropavlovskij (Petropavlovskis) Teacher
Milda Prus  
Emilija Richter  
Anna Richter  
Olga Ivanovna Ruckaja Teacher
Petr Ruckij Teacher
Nikolaj Solovjov Teacher
Lidija Sosnovskaja (Sosnovskis)  
Vera Šmurlo  
Arveds Šulcs Teacher
Jevlampija Ivanovna Tailova Teacher
Ludmila Ivanovna Tailova Principal
Anna Vannag (Vanags)  
Olga Vasiljeva  
Larisa Veremejenko  
Ivan Sergejevič Vladimirskij Teacher
  Walter English teacher
Alma Wunderlich  
Leontina Zandberg (Sandberg)  
Marija Zaruckaja  


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