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zieds1mazs.gif (257 bytes) Latgale culture society "Saule" in Daugavpils

12 Names: Borbalss, Ivbulis, Lavrinovičs, Lazdāns, Līdumnieks, Murāns, Pastors, Sabrāns, Vizulis, Volonts, Zalāns, Zunda.



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This is the management of  Daugavpils branch of the society "Saule" in 1926. The society "Saule" (the Sun) was created to promote the culture in Latgale region. In some sources it is added it was a Catholic society. The chairman of Daugavpils branch as well as of the whole society was S.Ivbulis.

The list of photographed persons is written on the front side of the photograph.

1st Line from left to right: Lavrinovičs, Alfons Pastors , Staņislavs Ivbulis, Adams Vizulis, Jānis Volonts

2nd Line from left to right: An unknown (just mentioned he was an organist), Jānis Sabrāns, J.Līdumnieks, Jāzeps Zalāns, Ang. Murāns, Antons Zunda.

Some information on the photographed people can be added that was found mainly in /EVP/.:
Staņislavs Ivbulis (Ivbuls) was born Sep. 22, 1884 in Kalupes pag. Father - Andrejs, mother - Marija b. Lazdāns. Wife - Helēna b. Borbalse. He was a deputy of the Saeima, Minister of Transportation (1933-1934). (EVP)

Alfons Pastors. b. May 2, 1890 in Pastori farm of Jasmuiža. Father - Jānis, mother - Agate. Catholic priest (dekāns) in Daugavpils.

Adams Vizulis. b. May 20, 1891 in Baltinavas pag. Father - Pēteris. Founded a voccational school for women in Daugavpils . Catholic priest in Kārsava. (EVP)

Jānis Volonts b. pr.8, 1882 in Ciši farm Preiļi pag. Father - Antons, mother - Tekla. Was the Mayor of Daugavpils town (1923-1937), since 1937 the Minister of Welfare. (EVP).

The picture of the central management board of this society is also available.


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