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The family albums are very valuable family history sources, better to say - they are the family history. What to do if the photographs of your ancestry are lost? How to help the people who have not photographs of their ancestry? These and similar problems should be attacked by the project "The largest family album in the world" you are invited to take part in.

Please take into account the fact that not only the people named in the files described below could be found on the mentioned photographs. If, quite occasionally, you will find here the name of a person who, as you know or as you may suppose, was a friend, or a coparticipant of an organization, or a classmate etc. of one of your grandparents, then you may search in the same group photograph also for your grand parents, why not?

Disclaimer: No attempts were made to separate good and evil, right and wrong among the persons published here. They existed - therefore they had the right to exist and to be mentioned.


Please read! The objectives and the description of the project "The largest family album in the world".


Persons and families

Known people The photographs with the inscriptions which contain the names of photographed people are gathered in this Page. To this moment only 140 Photographs with 172 Names from all I have are described .
Known families The families with known family names. A couple of married people already forms a family, but here you can also find parents with children.
19 Photographs and 25 Names: Āboliņš, Bergs, Burmistrovs, Degners, Dekmeijers, Gerliņš, Graudiņš, Kere, Kaņeps, Zēvele, Liepkāja, Madernieks, Meierovics, Melderis, Miezis, Reņķis, Skadiņš, Sniķers, Traubergs, Zunde. The names of the people only mentioned by the inscriptions are:
Buchard, Filhold, Kampus, Reimanis, Sproģis, Šturms
Unfamiliar families The families with unfamiliar family names, though the other presented information gives some hope that the proper family name would be found, if you visit the page and try to determine whether the family is known to you or not.
21 Photograph. The names mentioned in the inscriptions: Lauks, Auniņš
Wedding parties. Only 4 photographs with 3 known Names: Bērziņš, Sliede, Klaubergs
Artists Some photographs of cultural workers are presented in this Page. The photographs were once distributed as postcards.
VIPs The photographs of the people once very important.



Photographs of classes The photographs of pupils. 28 Photographs and 325 Names
Teachers The photographs of teachers. 2 photographs and 20 Names. Aplociņš, Auziņš, Belorags, Buclers, Grinbergs, Jansons, Jurgenss, Liepiņš, Molovka, Olte, Pavilskops, Pelcmans, Pliekšāns, Pogoreļskis, Reslers, Rutmans, Sanders, Sperliņš, Turs, Valters.
Culture Various cultural events. Amateur, half-professional and professional theater groups and their performances, meetings with some people of culture etc.
Confirmation The photographs of confirmation events. As a rule, the people and the place are unfamiliar, but the pictures of the Pastors could be the clue. Please help to identify the events.
Meetings In fact, these are the photographs of the groups of people that I have some information about, but some additional help is needed. For all 11 pictures only 28 Names are known:Barduns,Birgers, Borbalss, Caune, Černobajevs, Eigmonts, Fridrichsons, Grīviņš, Gulbis, Irbe, Ivbulis, Klaubergs, Krēsliņš, Kronīts, Lavrinovičs, Lazdāns, Līdumnieks, Murāns, Ozols, Pastors, Sabrāns, Stakle, Šmidts, Vilcāns, Vizulis, Volonts, Zalāns, Zunda.
Other groups The group photographs with not so much information, but I thought that it would be possible to discover the people on the pictures and it would be worth to.
Militaries The groups of military persons of Latvia Army. 4 Names Krastiņš, Ķeviņš, Tilts, Žagata


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